Harrogate Experience in Leadership and Management

The HELM Course is invaluable for senior medical trainees (ST5+) who are seeking to understand more about the non-clinical management roles undertaken as a hospital consultant.

“Excellent speakers with a wide range of experience and knowledge. A very useful course to understand the structure of the NHS and how a hospital is managed. Very good value for money – I would highly recommend”  Dr Katie Poulton, ST6 Acute Medicine

The HELM Course also includes CV preparation and interview skill workshops which help to improve chances of success at consultant appointment processes.

“Very useful course. Exactly what a senior trainee needs prior to applying for a consultant role” Mr Khalid Elmalik, ST8 Paediatric Surgery

Next Courses

23rd & 24th March 2020

£250 including lunch and refreshments.

Download  the Helm course application form  or contact us to make enquiries

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